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Lettuce bed in back

North half

Marvel of Four Seasons/SSE Red FLame/SSE Black Seeded Simpson/Br Grandpa Admires/SSE Arugula/SSE
Amish Deer Tongue/SSE Slobolt/SSE Gulley’s Favorite/SSE Tatsoi/SSE Arugula/SSE
Bronze Arrowhead/SSE Lettuce Mixture/SSE Waldron’s Dark Green/SoC Endive: Tres Fine/SSE Arugula/SSE
For Ellen Schluss/SSE Green Oak Leaf Mesclun ? Arugula/SSE

This bed is partially inspired by this article on the history of lettuce.

North section in the far part of the project.

Second tray of starts: Lettuce

SSE Gulley’s Favorite (60 days)
SSE Red Romaine (70 days)
SSE Forelleschluss (55 days)
SSE Flame (60 days)
SSE Bronze Arrowhead (40-50 days)
SSE Amish Deer Tongue (x2) (45-55 days)
Territorial Flashy Trout (x2) (Bought Pelleted by accident and unclear why I don’t do this more) (55 days)
SSE Green Oak Leaf (50 days)

Trying these under an LED light.