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Back Garden

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, the plant that produces the most calories per acre: sweet potato.

There’s two Kale plants that have almost produced viable seeds that I’m keeping around.
Eight tomato plants from Red Earth Farm (list below). Three plants got basil as a companion, one got parsley.

Herb Garden: Two different sorts of parsley, hyssop, chives, garlic chives, two thymes, out of control sorrel, oregano, Greek oregano, sage, purple sage, and a giant Rosemary in the back.

Garden this am

Most years I stake my tomatoes and carefully tend to them. This year I didn’t plant any. I just let them grow. It is embarrassing how much higher my yield is.

In the category of can’t beat ’em, join ’em:

Let’s see if the indestructible Tree of Heaven can survive as a house plant.

Garden Log: 08122019

The good news: Second round of raspberries coming in and about 10,000 figs showing. The Paw-Paws have both grown a foot this summer. Sweet potatoes thriving; potatoes, um, not so much.

The bad news: the neighbor’s bushes on the right side, particularly the Morning Glory, have gotten out of control. This photo is after fifteen minutes of chopping.

Compost Status

Composter one: Envirocycle

This was full all winter and is essentially an outdoor worm bin at this point. I’d say it’s three to four weeks from being pure compost. I added some cardboard today but I’m not adding food.

Composter two: Good Ideas

This composter is taking food, scraps (see the basil stems), and all of the current coffee grounds. Trying to keep this spinning to keep out the bugs and start the reaction. The browns are mostly street leaves…

Composter three: Tumbleweed

Thanks SJ. Leaves and some food.