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Lettuce bed in back

North half

Marvel of Four Seasons/SSE Red FLame/SSE Black Seeded Simpson/Br Grandpa Admires/SSE Arugula/SSE
Amish Deer Tongue/SSE Slobolt/SSE Gulley’s Favorite/SSE Tatsoi/SSE Arugula/SSE
Bronze Arrowhead/SSE Lettuce Mixture/SSE Waldron’s Dark Green/SoC Endive: Tres Fine/SSE Arugula/SSE
For Ellen Schluss/SSE Green Oak Leaf Mesclun ? Arugula/SSE

This bed is partially inspired by this article on the history of lettuce.

North section in the far part of the project.

Second tray of starts: Lettuce

SSE Gulley’s Favorite (60 days)
SSE Red Romaine (70 days)
SSE Forelleschluss (55 days)
SSE Flame (60 days)
SSE Bronze Arrowhead (40-50 days)
SSE Amish Deer Tongue (x2) (45-55 days)
Territorial Flashy Trout (x2) (Bought Pelleted by accident and unclear why I don’t do this more) (55 days)
SSE Green Oak Leaf (50 days)

Trying these under an LED light.

Is the ground too hot?

Got back from vacation and the garden had cooked the lettuce into giant flowers. May be too hot, but I’m going to try and start summer plants with the hopes I can harvest in October.

SSE: Blondkopfchen
SSE: Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry
SSE: Plum Lemon
SSE: Gold Rush Currant
All of the left over basil seeds.

Three photos from Saturday

SFL: The SFL has been a great success although I’m worried its life in the neighborhood is winding down. When we went to bed, there were 8+ books, including a battered but readable copy of Angle of Repose. When we woke up, there was this:


A neighbor around the corner uses their tree for political (moral?) messages. Love this one.


And the current status of my community garden plot. Chard! Hooray Chard!