Technology always lets you down

Some truisms about any school project that involves technology other than paper and pencil:

  •  It will take a week to ten days longer then you think it will.
  • No software is intuitive.
  • If the last time you used the software was more than a month ago, you are starting from scratch.
  • Any hardware, from a camera to a computer, will need an update the moment you start working on it.
  • Tool location and condition precisely mirror the culture of the school at that moment, which means that some days you’ll find a well-organized shop with everything at your fingertips and some days you won’t be able to find a thing and what you do find is missing a critical part.    Or broken.
  • The folks most likely to help you with technology were available weeks ago and had much more free time then.    The time crunch you’re feeling everybody is feeling.   No expert wants to help someone whose project is due tomorrow and who has done none of the necessary legwork.
  • There is no source of power for any computer or device that cannot fail to function.  At the very least, it will be inconvenient, i.e., you’ve found the right power cable (shocking) but you need it in a space that requires an extension cord.