Day two exhibitions

Man, six in a row is hard, especially when a big visitor arrives midway through.

Some deep thoughts from today, phrased in the form of agree-disagree statements:

LM: To make the community stronger, it needs to start with advisory, not with the individual.

DW: It’s better to be talked to instead of talked at.

SJ: Most of us are creative and we want to test out our creativity.

KN: We each have our own worlds that we live in…
So John — when he talks, everytime he talks, he give a motivational speech.

MW: (If I had would have had more time to do it, it would have been perfect.
I can help anyone but people don’t ask.

Exhibition Reflections, Day one

When is it my responsibility and when is is theirs?

If I give out the assignment, explain it, define it, spend at least fifteen minutes (and sometimes more) talking about what makes it outstanding, how often do I have to remind you to do it? If I make a checklist on October 9th and give it to you, then send on-line reminders on the 16th, the 25th, and the 29th, what more do I need to do?

How do I provide reset buttons for kids? In other words, how do I make sure that when a project deliverable slips off their radar they can start thinking about it again without panic?

How do I make sure that the intention behind every activity we do is understood and that all students are clear about how the activity and the time supports the completion of the deliverable?

How do I make clear what college actually means? What do people think about when they think about college? What do they expect?

KH makes a lovely distinction between being goofy and being an intellectual.

Best thing anyone said: “everyone has a role in this community.”

Second best thing anyone said: “in this group, there’s a lot of freedom, responsibility and work.”