Some things I’ve read and want to remember

  • I liked this article on spice hunting and the resulting business. Will order when I can.

  • Time of the year for the terrific college essays. These five are awesome.

  • This piece on kitchen gadgets made me late for school (committing to eating oatmeal and reading one article only works if it’s a short piece). Made me want to track down all of Bee Wilson’s books, particularly after this quote:

    “But now we have moved on. Veganism seems to be where much of our cooking desire has moved, hence the incredible success of the spiralizer. When they started appearing a couple of years ago, I felt that spiralizers were destined for immediate obsolescence, but I was completely wrong. Maybe it’s because of low-carb diets or maybe it’s the rise of #plantbased on Instagram, but it turns out that the ability to turn a beet or zucchini into something resembling telephone wire speaks to more people than I ever knew.