Senior Legacy Projects

QG: I feel like My 9th and 10th grade years were times where I was trying to find myself the most because I acted as if I didn’t know how to act… but I quickly turned it around in the next year.

DS: I leave behind the work I did on 52nd street. To show what the workshop school can do and the beauty we can bring to the community.

KS: I quoted myself to say… Remember me from the projects I did and from my ambition. (MC impression — you had so much to choose from. That’s cool.)

MW: (How will they know I was here)
From the connections I brung to the school…the first student with a culinary internship. I want to become a hood chef…I want to own a restaurant in the hood and hire teenagers who are serious about becoming future chefs.

KY: I’m a peaceful warrior. My advice is show up on time, get the work done early, two weeks ahead…do not wait.

GN: The real world is scary… The workshop school is here to help you develop certain skills so when you encounter a rough situation you won’t freeze up.

The reminder we all need about what we see versus what the students see…