Six mile Thursday Walk

Listening to my favorite book from high school: The Plague by Albert Camus.

This quote:

“I’ll ask the government for orders.”
When Rieux next met Castel, the prefect’s remark was still rankling.
Orders!” he said scornfully. “When what’s needed is imagination.”

Albert Camus, The Plague (NY: Modern Library, 1948), 59.

From my usual spot.
South Street Bridge
76 is never this empty at 8:30AM.
30th Street trainyard. Not sure why it’s this packed.

The case for the nation

The book opens with this quote:

Nations reel and stagger on their way; they
make hideous mistakes; the commit frightful
wrongs; they do great and beautiful things.
And shall we not best guide humanity by
telling the truth about all this, so far as the
truth is ascertainable?

—W.E.B. Dubois,
The Propaganda of History, 1935

If I had a class right now, I’d like to argue over this quote from scholar Yael Tamir:

“The liberal tradition, with its respect for personal autonomy, reflection, and choice, and the national tradition, with is emphasis on belonging, loyalty, and solidarity, although generally seen as mutually exclusive, can indeed accommodate one another.” p.130

The second to last paragraph of the book is money, too:

“In a world made up of nations, there is no more powerful way to fight the forces of prejudice, intolerance, and injustice than by a dedication to equality, citizenship, and equal rights, as guaranteed by a nation of laws.” p. 137