Alive with possibilities

This is a tough time of the year.  Things are almost done.   Then standardized testing took much of our momentum away.

What’s hard, though, is that you can feel how alive with possibilities and potential each student is.   With deadlines approaching, the spark of genius is visible all over the school.

That’s awesome.
And disheartening.

Awesome because the students are seizing hold of their own projects.

Disheartening because you can feel how awesome those projects would be if they had grabbed hold much earlier.

Philadelphia Young Playwright’s deadline is tomorrow.  We’ll have plays that could be truly amazing that will have their last scenes written late tonight.   The judges will start and get that sensation of hey I’m reading something awesome and then it will all fall apart because the play had not been workshopped nearly enough.   Similar things are happening with the individual projects as components of their projects that cannot be done overnight (building and maintaining a partnership with a community group) remain undone.

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