Teens and anxiety

Found this article to be provocative and powerful.

This description of the impact of technology on teen anxiety was particularly telling:

At a workshop for parents last fall at the NW Anxiety Institute in Portland, Ore., Kevin Ashworth, the clinical director, warned them of the “illusion of control and certainty” that smartphones offer anxious young people desperate to manage their environments. “Teens will go places if they feel like they know everything that will happen, if they know everyone who will be there, if they can see who’s checked in online,” Ashworth told the parents. “But life doesn’t always come with that kind of certainty, and they’re never practicing the skill of rolling with the punches, of walking into an unknown or awkward social situation and learning that they can survive it.”

A quibble: there’s three all of three paragraphs on the students I’ve taught in West Philly. True, “addressing anxiety is low on the priority list in many economically disadvantaged communities” but that’s because more often than not, students, parents, and teachers are worried about basic needs being met, not because anxiety doesn’t exist. Even if I’m dubious about the political will or economic resources necessary for a treatment protocol to develop, it doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary.

Read this article.

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