Community building going wrong? Right?

Every Thursday we play mafia. It’s a pretty good game.

Today I had to leave the room because a student was struggling. For thirty seconds.

I think the students then conspired to identify the mafia members and not accuse them in order to prolong the game, to slow down the work process. After all, it is the Thursday before the Holiday Break and the district has us going to work and school through tomorrow at 3:30PM.

It’s happening right now and I can’t really tell. But I think that’s what’s happening.

On the one hand, it’s the quietest I’ve ever heard this game. They’re actually deliberating and paying attention to the rules; it would be ironic that it takes the quest to prolong the game as a way of unifying the class. (I feel this way with my own children — I’m thrilled when they band together even when it’s in service of disagreeing with their parents.)

On the other hand, maybe the game has evolved to the point that who knows what the reality is.

Update: 9:29A They are clearly fillibustering. JY is extending this game in a way I didn’t see as possible. Dead brilliant.

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