Circle: Why do projects change?

There were rumblings of discontent over circle so I tried this question without writing: why do projects change? Why should projects change?

We had a good conversation. The moments where you see a new way forward or an easier approach can keep you going. Similarly, there are moments where you see something for yourself and something that will keep you excited about continuing. All of the student insights noted the necessity of engagement. You can’t drive anything forward if you don’t care about it. Which was great.

It’s actually a trait I’m starting to admire more and more: the kids who can change the direction of their project, one that they’ve invested time and energy in, because they’ve found something better, something more powerful.

A historian sits in an archive with an idea, but if the archivist brings out a magical, untouched box, they’re going to move in a new direction. This flexibility — combined with persistence — is a trait I need to spend some time thinking about how to cultivate.

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