MLK and a sad day

I read this article in this morning’s paper and knew I wanted to read it in class. I took it apart so I could print it — when did the NYT disable the print function or when did I get so blind — and got it into a document. Then I left the computer home.

So we began today with the question of what the difference is between a “moment” and a “movement”. Lots of super deep thoughts. AG did a great job facilitating. KH brought us the following statement: “You don’t want to be stuck in a moment, you want to get down with the movement.”

It was a great set-up for a conversation about playwriting. Being able to answer when a scene represents a moment as well as how these moments eventually add up to a movement is vital.

TC: a moment is when something happens and everyone’s talking about it for a short time but a movement is something that looks to solve a problem.

VG: Dr. King losing his life (a moment) meant something to the Civil Rights MOVEMENT.

DC: A movement is a group of people who join forces to bring light to a situation that is an issue to them; a moment is something that happens quickly, in a blink of an eye.

KN: A moment is like a time in the day. It’ll always come around. It doesn’t last but it’ll come back around.

JN: A moment just happens but a movement is something will change history.

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