What we accomplished

While it was a testing day, we still ran circle. Everybody came up with a list of their accomplishments during this school year. We looked at them and then tried to figure out if we were “real” this year.

I collected them and then we guessed at whose accomplishments were whose. Fun game.

It must have been a pretty good year because much of what was on the papers focused on our work together. Some years I’ve done this and kids have long lists that have nothing to do with anything we did, i.e., I got my license or I kept my job.

Teacher accomplishments

  • Four whole group projects of real quality: “Escape from College”, CSpan, Workshop Tank, and the current playwriting unit.
  • Read four real books together: The Hate U Give, Hillbilly Elegy, Another Brooklyn, and Fences.
  • Had a good, supportive community of learners. Managed conflict reasonably well.
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