Rachel Cusk, Kudos

Can’t say if I like or dislike this book but I can’t stop reading it. I can’t say if agree with her or not but I can’t stop debating it in my head.

12: If you were unfamiliar with the political situation in our country, you might think you were witnessing not the machinations of democracy but the final surrender of personal consciousness into the public domain.

34: A degree of self-deception, she said, was an essential part of the talent for living.

39: …Since the defining motivation of the modern era, he said, whether consciously or not, is the pursuit of freedom from strictures of hardships of any kind.

Halfway through, just three of the quotes I’ve been churning on.

R Nesse

Heard Professor Nesse on Start the Week and will eventually find this book. But I liked that he began the book with this quote:

Nesse, Randolph. Good Reasons for Bad Feelings: Insights from the Frontier of Evolutionary Psychiatry.New York: Dutton, 2019.