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Six mile Thursday Walk

Listening to my favorite book from high school: The Plague by Albert Camus.

This quote:

“I’ll ask the government for orders.”
When Rieux next met Castel, the prefect’s remark was still rankling.
Orders!” he said scornfully. “When what’s needed is imagination.”

Albert Camus, The Plague (NY: Modern Library, 1948), 59.

From my usual spot.
South Street Bridge
76 is never this empty at 8:30AM.
30th Street trainyard. Not sure why it’s this packed.

Tuesday Primary Source

On Friday, one of my brilliant students noted that were living a primary source document. Of course I had to turn this into an assignment so I had to do the same thing. Below are my notes and observations from a six-mile walk around the city at 6:00 AM this morning.

The South Street Bridge had what appeared to be about a third of the usual traffic. I was struck by the two groups I saw on the walk: one, construction jobs seemed to have continued. Many workers passed me and the job sites in West Philly and Center City were all buzzing with activity. Two, the steady stream of medical professionals on the bridge was less surprising.

Both of those groups have obvious uniforms. Apart from a handful of joggers — impressive in the rain — few other people were on the road.
Both Penn and Drexel’s campuses were empty. No one on Locust Walk except the facilities folks who were mulching the trees. On both campuses, it felt like every single facilities person was hard at work, which I tend to see more of around graduation time.
It’s still too early for the Magnolia Blossoms.