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Day two: Junk under the TV stand

New lessons:

1. I knew this but a 1×10″ isn’t really a 1×10″. It’s a 1 x 9 1/4″. When does this knowledge of what you’re actually buying seep into your consciousness? When do the measurements of wood become automatic?
2. When you use this kind of piping, it’s shipped with a lot of grease, to prevent rust, I guess? That grease will get all over your wood.
3. Joints. Sigh. I wanted to do box joints here but realized that learning the hand craft of cutting a box joint might take me into my 50s. Dado set, here I come.

Building some stuff

I saw this in a Crate and Barrel catalog. I’m going to build a smaller version for our living room. I’m going to use 3/4″ pipe and flanges in the middle instead of that iron bar.

Challenges/things I want to learn:

*These finger joints on the end — I want to make a smaller version.
*What did people do before Home Depot’s/Lowe’s selection of crappy milled wood? Are there lumberyards where everything is cut well so that you don’t have to spend twenty minutes finding the least bad pieces?