“I wouldn’t worry about him too much. Nothing can ruin a good boy except growing up, and he’s going to do that no matter where you live.” 179

“Ann herself was no stranger to adversity, but she always hated any situation that could only be endured. She was able to summon the courage for a bold, confident stroke, but simply getting by left her dispirited, and it seemed that the older she got, the more frequent these situations became.”

Richard Russo, Mohawk, (NY: Vintage, 1986).

Darkest day of the year

I loved this essay: How We Survive Winter

“I have spent some long, scary nights waiting for the sun to come up. There have also been some long, barren seasons when I feared the sap would never rise again,” Barbara Brown Taylor, an author and Episcopal priest, reflected. “The hardest thing is to keep trusting the cycle, to keep trusting that the balance will shift again even when I can’t imagine how. So far it has.”

“The most important thing is to hold that tiny spark of life, if it is in a bud, in a seed, that is our work, to hold on to life, so when spring comes back, there can be growth. If you fail at that, spring doesn’t matter,” she said. “That seems like a Covid teaching to me.” (Robin Wall Kimmerer)

Reminded me of this passage, which is on my stick:

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Many versions here.