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Sounds and Birds

Like everyone else who saw this article, I promptly downloaded the app and started using it.

I could close my eyes and identify each of these sounds:

The subway
The trolley
The bus
The Northeast Regional Amtrak
The Acela (Amtrak)
The regional rail
The freight trains

And that’s just transport and that’s just what I hear in one stretch of my morning loop. Meanwhile, I walk everywhere and can tell you the sound of exactly one bird: a cardinal. Worth thinking about.

Long walk home

From the Wissahickon

Shooting the creek from above; somebody was having fun with rocks.
Version without flash. A real photographer could show something as the light comes across the Xhale.
Version with flash.
Cathedral shot.
Coming out of the park. No shade in Mantua.
They built the four in the middle, which are occupied. Then they built the two on either end. Quickly.