R Lieber

Two quotes from yesterday’s column, which described why the publication of lists of schools where children were admitted might not be the best window into a high school. (He has two notable disclaimers — celebrations with names and schools where admission isn’t a “given.” )

“Now consider the money. We are mostly ignorant about the household incomes and family assets of the students who are able to attend (or not) any particular college. We remain clueless if, in fact, a more “respectable” (to again use the term that the financiers once did) school did not give a family enough need-based financial aid. And we have no awareness of which slightly less respectable colleges offered so-called merit aid to affluent families to persuade them to say no to other institutions.”

Meanwhile, we have no earthly idea why some of our seniors get into the most rejective colleges, as the education advocate Akil Bello rightly refers to them. These schools take whom they take for their own reasons, and their institutional priorities change from year to year (and sometimes hour to hour in the last frantic days of April as they try to fill their freshman classes) without providing any explanation to us or you.

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