Kindergarten as next casualty of Accountability

Great article here

One striking quote:

In 49 out of 50 states, the average annual cost of day care for a 4-year-old in an urban area is more than the average annual public college tuition.

The other striking statistic — one that strikes close to home — 35% of kids eligible for Headstart in Pennsylvania are not enrolled.

One thought on “Kindergarten as next casualty of Accountability”

  1. My cousin Lamar also sent this and called out the same quote. I found this to be validation of a big concern. When I told a family friend about our search for 4 Y old pre-school openings in St. Paul we got a huge lecture about the dangers of grade jumping. He’d been on the school board for 18 years and is wife was one of those AP tots back in the 50’s. They agreed that it was a miserable sentence to place talented kids into older classes. When I explained that we actully had a city pre-school he ws relieved then asked, to the point of this article, if it was real Kindergarten or K-Prep with reading etc. We ended up elsewhere but this year I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that they were teaching 5 year olds to read and write at a level that was 1st grade stuff for me. Weare happy that the kid is an advanced, talented student but I felt that this was not fair to the kids hat were still socializing and for several, just learning english as a second language.

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