Sounds and Birds

Like everyone else who saw this article, I promptly downloaded the app and started using it.

I could close my eyes and identify each of these sounds:

The subway
The trolley
The bus
The Northeast Regional Amtrak
The Acela (Amtrak)
The regional rail
The freight trains

And that’s just transport and that’s just what I hear in one stretch of my morning loop. Meanwhile, I walk everywhere and can tell you the sound of exactly one bird: a cardinal. Worth thinking about.

Bye to Instagram

I know, I know. But every time I read these articles I feel crappy about Instagram and the immense profit streams it generates and just how manipulated I feel…how did they know I wanted a new watchband? How did they know I’d go deep down the rabbit hole of “tactical staffs”? And why did I need to know about the genre of attractive young folks playing heavy metal songs note by note?

This sentence:

We may be concerned about Facebook, we may even be fatigued by the amount of anger-inducing information we’ve learned about Facebook, but we still use its products.

got me here. Again.