Sunday Walk

At least once a week, I come upon a sidewalk where someone has thrown down twenty or thirty lottery tickets.
The pillow is killing me. In the Supremo parking lot at 44th and Locust.

Back Garden

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, the plant that produces the most calories per acre: sweet potato.

There’s two Kale plants that have almost produced viable seeds that I’m keeping around.
Eight tomato plants from Red Earth Farm (list below). Three plants got basil as a companion, one got parsley.

Herb Garden: Two different sorts of parsley, hyssop, chives, garlic chives, two thymes, out of control sorrel, oregano, Greek oregano, sage, purple sage, and a giant Rosemary in the back.

Tuesday walk

Five miles … to Bartram’s and back. Thinking about art class assignment of gathering purple/yellow or red/green combinations.

Obligatory skyline shot.